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Numbal character

Numbal is a creative and knowledge-based company that designs and produces educational (process-oriented) educational products and specialized projects for children and adolescents aged 7-12. Unique capabilities of Nombal products and projects, by designing and carrying out 11 international projects, designing and implementing national level projects in the Iranian educational area,

Numbal's Start

Attendance among students in Balochistan on the one hand and non-profit schools in the capital on the other revealed a series of challenges, ups and downs, and ultimately opportunities. Focusing on simplifying educational issues and following up on real problem solving led to the formation of specialized knowledge in the field of children. Continuity for several years in knowledge-based design and production turned Nomboal capabilities into Nombola gene. A gene that today has enabled bold entry into projects at various levels.
Providing effective and lovable solutions for children is the result of coding in the language of children. In the Nombal life cycle; Baluchistan was named part of Iran and we will never forget the talented children and kind people of that land and their rural schools.

The latest products designed


An 8-degree error leads to the Sanchi catastrophe
Teaching the concept of latitude and longitude

the Nile

Discover the lost gate of Egypt
Mummy training and structural strength

Little Captain

Routing of the Royal Ship of Iran
Orienteering training at night

The latest projects produced


A process-driven project to delegate real responsibility to children


The new generation of primary school libraries for the balanced growth of student reading capita

Three dolls

An international project in the form of a play to teach the different cultures of nations in Germany

National level projects

International project

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